Editor’s Notebook 215

The Editor’s Notebook is my place to share the things I’m loving this week and other random links that have caught my eye. Enjoy!

What I’m Loving This Week

Stunning Colors of Northern Lights Wow Onlookers. What a beautiful wintery scene!

25 of the Best Book Subscription Services of 2020. Remember to get something for yourself too this holiday season.

When Life Feels Too Hard: How to Mindfully Get Through the Day. Great advice! Single-task and focus on just what’s in front of you.

10 Intentional Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress. Here’s how to feel holly jolly again.

The Most Important Invention the Year You Were Born. Cool! I was born in 1981, the same year as the internet.

It’s Easier To 10x Your Income Than It Is To Double It. Do you find this to be true for you?

How to Make the Most of the Holidays This Year. It’s OK (and necessary!) to create some boundaries.

9 People with Depression Share How They Find Motivation in the Morning. A must-read for anyone with seasonal depressive disorder (SAD).

The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Guide to a Better 2021. Pick a goal and get started!

Wake Up Smiling by Asking Yourself One Simple Question. A gentle reminder to find meaning outside yourself.

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My Favorites

  • Picmonkey, save 17% when you sign up for my favorite online photo editor
  • Kajabi, start your free trial of this all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs
  • Book Like a Boss, start your free trial for this beautiful and user-friendly scheduling app for coaches and consultants
  • Epidemic Sound, start your free trial for the best music for YouTube videos
  • Passion Planner, save $5 off your first purchase
  • Trello, free elegant project management app
  • Beaver Builder, my favorite WordPress page builder