8 Jobs That Are Disappearing Fast

We all like to think that the job we’ve chosen is the one that we’ll stay with for life.

It’s one thing to proactively decide on a career change, but it’s something else when your job becomes obsolete. As technology moves faster, there are jobs that could disappear forever within the next few years.

Here are 8 jobs that are disappearing fast.

Traffic Wardens

This is not a popular job, mainly because no one likes to get a ticket. As smart parking and monitoring become available, there will be less need for traffic wardens. Unfortunately, this new tech will make it harder to avoid getting a parking ticket too.

Car and Aircraft Assembly Staff

Once upon a time, strong men could always be guaranteed a job at the shipyard. As time moved on and these jobs disappeared, these workers moved to factories for cars and planes. Now the tools from companies such as Metrology Parts have become so precise, fewer workers are needed.

Postal Workers

This might be a surprising one with the amount of online shopping that happened during the pandemic, but people who work for the postal service are running the risk of losing their jobs. Mail sorting is carried out by machines so fewer people are needed working behind the scenes.

Office Staff

Filing paperwork used to be an office staple that could keep people busy all day. Now software is so advanced and easy to use, a fully staffed office isn’t needed. Many tasks are handled digitally, saving time and money

Telephone Staff

Back in the 1960s, the ideal job for a young lady was switchboard operator. All day they sat in chairs, directing calls across the country. Big firms had their own switchboard team to move calls around the building. Today phone calls are handled differently so less staff is needed.

Watch Repairs

This is not just a dying industry, but it’s considered a specialty. Watch repair used to be a booming business, but digital options and smart phones have taken over and not many people have a watch filled with cogs and dials.


Libraries are some of the best places in the world. They’re filled with knowledge and resources and often found in historic old buildings. The need for librarians is in decline because fewer people are using libraries since more information can be found online than ever before.

Travel Agent

As more people become travel savvy, the need for travel agents to navigate the world of planes, trains, and automobiles is getting smaller. Online travel sites have made it easier than ever to book your own vacation.

As sad as it is to see some of these jobs disappear, it’s important to remember that other jobs will pop up in their place. Just look at some of the jobs that have disappeared from the world already.

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