5 Things to Do Before the End of 2019 | 5 Friday Edits

Do you remember your new year’s resolutions? Yeah, me neither!

The year’s winding down, and it’s incredibly tempting to park yourself on the couch, eat Halloween candy, and watch The Office for the millionth time.

There couldn’t possibly be enough days left to reach your goals before the end of 2019, right?

Wrong! There are 12 weeks left of the year, and that’s a GINORMOUS amount of time when you focus your attention and get serious.

Imagine if you blocked off just 5 minutes a day working on a project you’ve neglected. That’s 7 hours of time (whoa!) you could be spending cleaning out your house, prepping healthy meals, calling your parents, reaching out to potential clients, writing a book, or designing your plan for world domination.

In today’s video, I’m sharing 5 easy things you can do before the end of the year so that 2020 will feel like a brand new chapter in your edited life.

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