4 Best Digital Marketing Tactics for 2021

Digital marketing is booming now that so many traditional (ie, in person) forms of promotion have been halted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It seems like only yesterday I was recommending paper flyers, speaking events, and networking to my clients. Now those tactics feel outdated and unsafe.

Even my business pivoted to more digital marketing tactics when I had to pause my multiple live retreats. No more lounging on the beach or self-care slumber parties with my mastermind clients.

To stay relevant, your business must adopt digital marketing strategies that will retain your current clients, attract potential ones, and generate more revenue, traffic, and leads.

Here are some of the best digital marketing tactics for your business to try next.

Social Media Marketing 

If your business had been less than social online, now’s the time to reach out to your potential clients on social media platforms.

The pandemic greatly increased the time people spend online searching for brands, products, and services. This shift in consumer habits creates an opportunity for business owners to re-engage current followers and create new audiences using digital marketing strategies.

Add social media marketing to your promotion plan if you haven’t been connecting with your customers online in a meaningful way.

Google Listings and Local SEO

Small businesses should make sure their listings are first verified and updated on different platforms. That is the case for B2C companies that draw clients primarily on a local level. Google My Business offers your customers valuable information concerning your services, geographical location, and operating hours.

Ensure that you have a geographical service location within the local listings so your business can show up when people search “near me.” Updating your listings will keep customers aware of changes in promotions or working hours.

A New Era of Data Ethics

Online tools don’t last forever, and eventually, you’ll need to upgrade to better systems to serve your customers.

Businesses have the responsibility of protecting their customers’ data and privacy. Customers expect companies to safeguard their data and communicate how they use it.

As you gear up for business in 2021, consider hiring a social media lawyer to safeguard customer and company data. Also, design the right policies to encourage data ethics.

Consider Mobile Apps

Not surprisingly, people spent more time on their mobile devices in 2020 than the previous years. So consider if a mobile app would help you capture and retain more potential customers.

If you do choose to create an app, make sure it’s functional and user-friendly to maintain a positive shopping experience.

Some popular apps include online learning, food delivery, shopping, games, and entertainment. Be sure that your app adds value to your clients.

These digital marketing strategies can help you grow your small business quickly, increase site traffic, increase sales, and generate more leads.

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