11 Unusual Planning Tips to Tame Your To-Do List

After a while, the same old planning tips just won’t work anymore.

Maybe you’ve tried choosing your priorities.

You’re sick of action plans.

And you’ll scream if one more person tells you to “Eat that frog!”

So what do you do when you have a mountain of work but no motivation and no strategy?

I’ve got you covered, Life Editor, and all it requires is a little out-of-the-box thinking.

Today, I’m sharing my best unusual planning tips to tame your to-do list.

1. How to Make a Tough Decision Without Having Your Head Explode. Flip a coin (even an imaginary one) for easy decision making.

2. How to Choose a Planning System for Your Personality. Productivity isn’t “one size fits all.”

3. Mastering the Fine Art of Sandwich Productivity. This sandwich uses treats and rewards for yummy motivation.

4. 3 Quick Fixes for To-Do List Overwhelm. (picks up megaphone) “STOP WORKING FROM YOUR MASTER TO-DO LIST!!!”

5. 5 Ways to Prioritize Your Projects. Be the unique snowflake that you are.

6. Revamp Your To-Do List in 5 Minutes Flat! The fastest way to get organized again.

7. Tear Up Your To-Do List! No, this isn’t stress relief. There’s a method behind the madness.

8. How to Use the Traffic Light Method to Conquer Your To-Do List. A great technique to get you on the road to success.

9. How to Use a Not-To-Do List to Declutter Your Life. Less is more, Life Editor.

10. How to Power Up Your To-Do List. No steroids needed.

11. Kill Your To-Do List With a Sense of Urgency. When all else fails, light a fire under your booty.

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