10 Ways to Spice Up Your Gratitude Practice and Make It Fun Again

Is it getting hot in here, Life Editor?

I’m turning up the heat and spicing up your mundane routine! Because if you’re not having fun making positive changes in your life, then you won’t stick with it.

My clients have told me countless times that Step 1 of my Life Editing Process, Create a Foundation, is the most boring part of the cycle.

They roll their eyes and whine about having to “waste their time” looking for things to be grateful for. Boring!

But being thankful for where you’re at right now, even if things aren’t perfect, is the only way you’ll build up the energy (ie, your foundation) to do the hard work that comes next.

So join me as we take your gratitude practice and kick it up a notch!  

Watch today’s video to learn 10 easy ways to spice up your gratitude practice and make it fun again.

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Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
1:50 Step 1: Create a Foundation.
5:18 Top 3 reasons why my clients don’t have a gratitude practice.
9:40 10 ways to spice up your gratitude practice.

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