10 Habits of Expert Life Editors

Life editing isn’t a one-and-done task. Your life is always changing so you’ll always be editing.

So what makes some Life Editors wildly successful while others stay at the “surface level” stage?

Expert Life Editors look for ways to go deeper and up their game. They’re not content to make half-hearted efforts. They’re all in, and they take life editing seriously.

If you’re ready to stop goofing off and make some lasting changes, I’ve got 10 doable action steps to help you reach your goals.

Watch this video to learn 10 habits of expert Life Editors.

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10 Habits of Expert Life Editors

  1. They Build Their Gratitude Foundations
  2. They Focus on Positivity
  3. They Delete Bad Influences
  4. They Create Boundaries
  5. They Add Good Habits
  6. They Fake It ‘Til They Make It
  7. They Rearrange Everything
  8. They Are Strategic With Their Time
  9. They Make White Space a Priority
  10. They’re Imperfect

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