Why I’m Not Selling Printed Planners for 2020

I’ve been dreading writing this blog post . . . which is probably why I finally clicked the “Publish” button so late in the day.

Maybe if I procrastinate a little longer they won’t be so mad?

But no, I just had to take a deep breath and put it out there to the world. I know I’ll be disappointing a lot of folks (my loyal and lovable Life Editors!), but I gotta do what’s right for me.

Ugh, and during Thank You Week too. 🙁 OK, here goes:

Yep, the rumors are true. I’m not selling printed planners for 2020.

This might be a shock to those of you who’ve faithfully purchased my planners since 2013. What catastrophic event could have prevented me from releasing my glossy-paged, neon-colored, goal-planning masterpieces???

In today’s video, you’ll learn my 3 reasons for discontinuing the planners. Plus, I’m answering your questions and showing you my digital alternative.

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