Weird Things I Do For My 6-Figure Business | Your Booked Out Year

I’m honored to be a featured speaker for Your Booked Out Year, a 4-day virtual event (January 22-25) specifically for service providers who want to sell more of their offers to people they want to work with, in a way that feels good to them. 

Join me and 20 online business experts who actually understand the ins and outs of serviced-based businesses and what it takes to succeed.

As I explain in my session, I’m an absolute DINOSAUR in the field of coaching because I’ve been able to adapt (and edit!) for nearly 14 years.

Here’s a sneak peek of the strategies I’ll be sharing in my session, “10 Unusual Ways Service Providers Can Book More Ideal Clients.” 

In This Session You’ll

  • Think outside the box with your marketing so you can stand out from the crowd.
  • Ditch the stuffy tried-and-tested tactics and promote your services in weird and wild new ways that keep up with changing technology and trends.
  • Give yourself permission to be vulnerable and authentically YOU, and attract customers who respect your honesty.
  • Make emotional connections with your potential clients to build trust and boost sales.

Want to join the fun?

Get your free ticket for Your Booked Out Year.

I can’t wait to watch you fill up your calendar with ideal clients. See you at the virtual event! 

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