This is HUGE! Behind the scenes of the Life Editor Clubhouse

One of my favorite activities to do here in Orlando is to take a behind-the-scenes tour at the Walt Disney World theme parks.

I love seeing the inner workings of the rides and attractions and how the miles of wires, animatronic figures, set designs, and even piped-in smells create a one-of-a-kind experience.

There’s so much going on in the background that the surface level guests never see.

When you pull back the curtain, everything is huge!

That’s a familiar feeling for new members of the Life Editor Clubhouse. Once they login to access the classes and resources, they’re usually overwhelmed by the massiveness of it all.

And every month more courses are added so it never gets old. It keeps growing and changing just like the Disney parks.

The Life Editor Clubhouse is a membership site for every single product, program, and service I create. It’s your one-stop shop for all my life editing goodies.

Watch this video for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Clubhouse. It’s huge!

Here’s What’s Inside the Clubhouse

  • More than 110 hours of video and audio content!
  • 35+ video Clubhouse Classes to walk you through the steps of editing your life and business.
  • 21+ Printable Worksheets to help you stay organized and productive.
  • The All-New Edit Everything Challenge 12-week productivity course.
  • The Popular Life Editing for Beginners 5-week self-development program.
  • The Intense Startup In 60 9-week online business program.
  • All 3 Digital Edited Year Planners including Life Goals, Business Goals, and 12 Week Planner.
  • The Life Editor Weekend Retreat training videos from the live event.
  • Apply for the Life Editor Academy GOLD and PLATINUM mastermind groups a full month before the public.
  • Monthly Interactive Webinars so you can speak directly to me and get answers to all your life editing questions!
  • Monthly Book Club to discuss life editing strategies and how to make them work for you.
  • New Life and Business Clubhouse Classes added every month.
  • Dozens of Recommended Resources, books, tools, and apps that I use on my own life editing journey.
  • A Private Facebook Group to get support from other Life Editors!
  • Private Ask Me Anything Calls exclusively for Silver Level members.

Like what you see? Join the Life Editor Clubhouse.