The Next 12 Weeks Will Change Everything | 12 Week Edit

My client Linda is celebrating a huge win this week: she published her first book!

This feat has been years in the making with too many starts and stops along the way. Like most Life Editors, she has beautiful dreams that somehow feel just out of reach.

But not anymore!

Three months ago, Linda put her foot down and declared that NOW was the time to pull it together, buckle down, and get her book published.

She signed up for a 12 Week Edit package with me, and we designed a goals action plan that had her inching forward every week without getting burned out.

The tiny, doable tasks plus the weekly coaching calls with me kept her motivated and on-target. It was a delight to watch her become more confident every week as she completed another step of the plan.

And we laughed like giddy school girls when she hit the publish button and her first book (her baby!) was finally for sale on Amazon.

This is why I love being a coach. My clients have enormous dreams that have been waiting inside them for far too long. Most of the time, they know exactly what to do to make that dream a reality.

But they don’t.

Hiring a coach is a brave first step. It’s admitting to yourself, “I care so much about this thing that I’m going to ask for help so I don’t sabotage myself again!”

Linda will be the first to tell you that accountability is EVERYTHING.

You can do this . . . and I’ve got your back!

There are 3 months left of 2020. This year may have been a dumpster fire so far, but you have the power to edit it and start your next chapter.


The 12 Week Edit is a coaching package where we choose one goal and design one plan to create one new you.

How It Works

  • You pick one big edit: business, health, home, finances, relationships, career, or choose your own.
  • We work together to design a custom goals action plan to achieve enormous results in a short time.
  • We have 30-minute Skype calls every week for 12 weeks. No slacking off when you’ve got one short week between homework projects. You’re always moving forward!

What You Get

  • 12 One-On-One Coaching Calls at 30 Minutes Each, for a grand total of 6 hours of coaching.
  • A 12 Week Goals Action Plan for breaking down your biggest projects into doable steps so you always know what to do next.
  • A Printable 12 Week Planner for organizing your priorities, scheduling your tasks, and tracking your progress.
  • Unlimited Email Support. Get quick answers to your questions so you can get back to work.

The 12 Week Edit is awesome for long-term goals!

  • Writing, editing, and publishing a book.
  • Creating and launching a digital product or online course.
  • Following a health and fitness routine for sustained results.
  • Starting a business from scratch and setting up your website, social media, products, programs, and ongoing marketing plan.
  • Refreshing and editing every aspect of your life after a major change (divorce, move, job loss, etc.)

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