The 3 Best Time Management Systems to Boost Your Productivity

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a time management nut, and I’m always looking for ways to get stuff done faster.

I’ve spent nearly every day this month helping my Life Editor Academy members refine their 12 Week Master Action Plans (MAP).

We chose specific goals, narrowed down the projects that are most likely to succeed, and listed all the teeny tiny daily tasks. It’s a big job!

But even with the clearest plan and a motivated mindset, you’re only halfway prepared to reach your goals.

All your achievements depend on following the right time management schedule.

A good schedule makes it a million times easier to stay focused and ensure that every one of your precious minutes is moving you forward. Time is a limited resource, so use it wisely!

Watch today’s video for my the top 3 best time management systems to boost your productivity. 

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Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
4:00 3 Sad Truths About Time
9:50 Why Use a Time Management System
16:47 Batched Schedule
21:52 Pacing Schedule
25:33 Time Blocking Schedule
28:31 Next Steps

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