How to Stop Making Excuses and Do the Work | What If You Really Tried?

One of my favorite films is the Disney-Pixar movie Soul, where a man named Joe Gardner unexpectedly dies and must help an apathetic soul named 22 find her purpose if he has any chance to return to Earth and live again. 

In a wacky turn of events, Joe and 22 wind up in the human world, but 22’s soul is stuck in Joe’s body and Joe’s soul is stuck in the body of a cat. 

Instead of problem solving and trying to find a way out of their predicament, 22 wastes time whining. Joe isn’t putting up with any of her lame excuses, so he (in the cat’s body) looks 22 in the eyes and says . . .

“But will you try?” 

Finally, she stops whining and just nods.

It’s my favorite scene in the movie because it reminds me of my clients. They have so many excuses about why they’re not doing the work to grow their businesses, but they have to learn to block out all the nonsense and SIMPLY TRY.

Watch today’s video to learn how to ditch your excuses so you can reach your goals. Meow!

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