Slay Your To-Do List! Unmask These Productivity Myths

One of my lovely clients nicknamed me the “Productivity Queen,” and I’ll gladly wear that crown of bejeweled pens and sticky notes.

Productivity flows through my veins, and I’m energized by getting stuff done, checking off tasks on my endless to-do list, and climbing the goals ladder to who-knows-where.

But sometimes we can go overboard in our quest to do ALL THE THINGS!

  • We think a productive day is getting projects finished and moving things forward. A non-productive day is being lazy, directionless, and goofing off.
  • We mistakenly define our worth by how much we accomplish.
  • We rate ourselves by our degrees, job titles, or what’s in our bank accounts.

I know you have a life and passions outside your career, business, current situation, or how many emails you can send in a day. 

Yet we still have things we want to accomplish! The question is, how can we balance enjoying life and being productive?

Today, I’m debunking some common productivity myths so you can slay your to-do list without running yourself ragged.

“Taking a break is a waste of time.”

Burnout is real! Making yourself sick will only slow down your productivity and make you resentful. Take regular breaks to recharge your body and refresh your mind.

“If you have free time, then you should fill it with productive work.”

Your hobbies and passions have value. Do something without an end goal, spend time with your loved ones, or meditate or zone out to give your conscious mind some space.

“You can catch up on sleep later.”

Not true! Studies have shown that you can’t make up for lost sleep by sleeping in on the weekends (and thereby losing your precious “me time”). Getting enough sleep recharges you so you can do your genius work quicker.

“Accomplishing a goal is its own reward.”

Sometimes we need outside motivation, and that doesn’t make you a bad person! Set up a treats and rewards plan to acknowledge your hard work. The best rewards make it easier for you to be productive in the future, such as buying a new planner so you’ll be excited to do your work.

Now I want to hear from you!

What productivity myths are staling your progress? Schedule a free call with me and let’s brainstorm ways to boost your productivity while keeping your sanity.

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