“Sage Provides a Supportive Community. We’re Not Alone!”

Many entrepreneurs have a hard time finding their community, me included.

We often feel like we’re drifting alone without the kind of support we need to really flourish in everything we do.

When I designed my yearlong mastermind group, Life Editor Academy, I knew that the main focus needed to be about bringing like-minded women together to encourage each other as they edit their lives.

I’ve seen women achieve amazing things that would have otherwise been out of reach without having that support network. 2016 Academy member Cathy Colangelo has thrived in the group and even sold out her annual beach retreat this year.

Watch this video to learn why Cathy joined Life Editor Academy.

The video transcript is below for your convenience.

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Video Transcript

Hi everybody! I’m Cathy “Coco” Colangelo. I’m a clarity coach and I do retreats for women—Heavenly Retreats! You can find me at YourLifeIsNowCoaching.com.

The reason I joined Sage and Life Editor Academy was because I’ve had my coaching business for several years now, and I’ve been juggling my coaching business and another part time job.

I knew that I needed help to stay focused and find my own clarity with my coaching business and the tasks that I need to do.

I wanted to grow my business so I could leave the part time job behind and find my total freedom in my business and my life.

My favorite parts from the January Retreat was that while I’m here in Orlando, they’re getting a big snow storm back home in Pennsylvania. So that was a bonus!

My other favorite part was just coming together as part of this community.

I enjoyed meeting them all in person, getting to see and work with Sage in person, and share with all these wonderful women.

My a-ha moment here at the retreat was actually just getting some clarity on some of the things that I had learned from the other women and that Sage and I had discussed before. Being together in a group and hearing the women’s points of view really helped me get clear on what my Push Goal should be and how I needed to go about creating that.

I also liked discussing one of the books we read as part of our book club and getting some clarity on how the 12 Week Year process works.

First of all, Sage is wonderful to work with! As coaches and entrepreneurs, we are out there just floating around by ourselves so we need that community. Sage provides that for us.

We get to work with other women and get to share our fears and make breakthroughs. We’re not alone. We’re part of a community, and we’re not out there working all alone by ourselves.

Other people feel the same way we do! We’re not alone with our thoughts, our feelings, our sense of overwhelm, and confusion.

Ready to edit your life?

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