Protect Your Heart by Deleting Bad Influences and Creating Boundaries

We’re all human, and that means we get angry, frustrated, and fed up with our lives sometimes.

Maybe you can’t jump on a private jet and fly to a tropical island for a few days to chill out, but you can take some positive actions to get rid of the things that drive you bonkers.

Step 2 of the Life Editing Process is Delete Bad Influences. Those bad influences are the nasty people, things, or situations that drain your energy or make you feel bad about yourself.

No one’s got time for that nonsense!

Let me show you how you can take back control of your life and rid yourself of the things that hold you down and slow your progress.

Watch this video to learn how to delete bad influences.

This is an excerpt from last year’s Life Editor Weekend live event here in Orlando, Florida.

Next Steps

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  • Delete the bad influences that drain your energy or create boundaries to protect yourself.
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