Need a Vacation? Join the Fun at Life Editor Weekend!

I don’t have a magic wand, secret potion, or bag of pixie dust, but truly beautiful transformations happen at my retreats.

When the weary Life Editors finally reach Orlando after traveling for hours on cramped planes or in rental cars, they’re greeted by a burst of Floridian humidity and the feeling of something shifting inside of them.

Maybe this is the first break they’ve taken in months. . . or years!

Maybe they’re opening up to the idea that their dreams might be possible after all.

Maybe a tiny spark of creativity re-ignites in their hearts.

Watching my Life Editors realize their full potential during a 4-day retreat is one of the greatest pleasures I’ve ever experienced.

The stress and struggle melts away when you understand that you can edit your life without having to become a totally new person. Your “flaws” become your strengths!

And when we say goodbye on the last day, it’s easy to see that the ladies will hold on to the “vacation vibes” long after the retreat has ended.

Ready for your self-care holiday?

Life Editor Weekend is the vacation you’ve been waiting for!

What do you want to edit in your life?

  • Start a business and gain financial independence.
  • Get a new job that lights you up inside.
  • Focus on your health and fitness for the first time in who knows when.
  • Cut out toxic people and situations so you can feel that weight off your shoulders.
  • Find your tribe of supportive and loving accountability partners.
  • Crush your self-doubts and take control of your time and energy.
  • Develop your passions or make time for hobbies and play.
  • Reconnect with a spiritual practice and find peace in the present moment.
  • Figure out what the hell you’re supposed to do in your life!

Join the fun at Life Editor Weekend!

Dates: Thursday, September 6 – Sunday, September 9, 2018
Location: Orlando, Florida

Click here for all the details and I’ll see you at the retreat!