My Clients’ Most Common New Year’s Resolution

“I wish I could start a business, but I don’t have the time.”

“I can’t run an online business and still work a day job.”

“There’s no way I could budget for all the expenses that come with running a business.”

“I’m not smart enough or tech-savvy to figure out how to do it all.”

“I wish I could be brave and follow my passion.”

I hear you, Life Editor!

Allow me to give you a dose of tough love because you CAN start your own business from scratch and do it in much less time and less cost than you think.

You know what else? Every excuse you have that’s holding you back is completely false.

BOOM! Truth bomb!

You DO have enough time, you just haven’t been using your minutes wisely.

You DO have enough money, especially when a business could help you earn more and support your family and goals.

And regardless of what your mother-in-law says, you DO have enough guts and bravery to show the world you have something incredible to offer.

I know this because I’ve helped ambitious women just like you get off their butts and take the first steps toward business ownership.

In just 60 days from now, you could have a fully functioning online business.

What do I mean by “fully functioning?”

It means EARNING MONEY!!! $$$

Yes, it’s true! Here are some of the amazing results graduates of my Startup In 60 program have achieved:

  • Finally publishing her website after delaying for more than a year.
  • Getting her first paying clients who aren’t family and friends doing her a favor.
  • Creating a passive income product from scratch so she can stop working like a maniac and start “earning while she sleeps.”
  • Doubling and tripling her social media followers.
  • Sending consistent helpful emails to her list of loyal subscribers.
  • And much more!

Trying something new is scary. We worry what people will say. We worry that we’ll fail. We worry that we’ll look stupid.

But you are stronger than that fear, and with Startup In 60, you’ll have me and a team of like-minded newbie entrepreneurs cheering you on. We’re in it together because we understand that when one of us succeeds, we all succeed. GIRL POWER! 🙂

You know what my clients’ most popular new year’s resolution is?

Yep, starting a business. There’s something powerful about declaring that you have a solution to offer the world and you’re capable enough to execute it.

Every Monday morning for 9 exciting weeks, you’ll receive an email from me with new videos, new worksheets, and detailed next action steps to help you design the business of your dreams.

And here’s the thing . . . you get to choose either a 60-minute task or a 60-second task to inch your way forward. No more excuses–EVER! It’s 100% possible to start a business in as little as one minute per day.

That’s less time than it took you to read this email. Just sayin’.

Startup In 60 begins Monday, February 4.

Lives (and bank accounts!) will be transformed. Will yours be one of them?

Click here to sign up.

New Year, New Business!