My 3-Hour Workday—Steal My Routine!

I remember the first time I realized my workday is a lot shorter than most people.

A few years ago during one of my in-person retreats, my clients were struggling with finding the time in their schedules to work on their goals.

  • “There aren’t enough hours in a day!”
  • “Everything takes too long!”
  • “I’m not Sage! I can’t work 24/7!”

That last one made me pause. “Wait, how many hours a day do you think I work?” I asked.

Apparently, everyone in attendance thought I worked a minimum of 10 hours a day including weekends. One woman even suggested that I don’t sleep at all.

NO WAY! I’d never give up my beauty sleep. 

In fact, my entire workday is about 3 hours long. Really!

I’m convinced that I’ve been able to maintain my coaching business for more than 13 years because I work fewer hours.

It’s all about prioritizing. Here’s how I do it:

  • First, I plan my day the night before and choose 3 main priorities. Each task must directly lead to one or more of my big goals. This book is SUPER helpful.
  • Then, in the morning I complete the most difficult or scary task so it’s out of my way.
  • Next, I keep a timer on my desk staring me in the face as I finish the rest of my tasks to give me a sense of urgency so I’m always racing the clock.
  • Finally, I wrap up my work before lunch so I can take a leisurely break.

But when do I take my client calls? Last year, I funneled all my coaching clients into my group mastermind program, Goodbye 9-to-5.

Since all my clients are in this one program, I host their group calls for one hour once a week. This simplifies my coaching because I can teach a concept to the entire group instead of sharing it over and over during individual calls.

I work about 15-20 hours most weeks, but sometimes it’s a lot less (like now when I’m still battling a long-term illness). My passive income products and my mastermind group keep my income steady despite the decrease in work time.

Now it’s your turn, Life Editor!

Look at your schedule and determine where you can cut back on distractions so you can work fewer hours. Maybe you can start your own group program, work with a timer, or limit your focus to just 3 main priorities.

Want more strategies to simplify your biz?

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How to Run a Successful Online Business In Just 1 Hour Per Day

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