Minimalism Without Deprivation | 12 Days of Life Editing

My annual “12 Days of Life Editing” celebration is prancing onward with a winter wonderland of all-new video courses to enjoy.

Today’s featured course increases your happiness while decreasing unnecessary excess.

Minimalism Without Deprivation helps you embrace minimalism in a way that fits your time, budget, and lifestyle so you can increase your happiness and find balance in all the areas of your life.

 12 Days of All-New Digital Courses 




In This Video Course You’ll Learn

  • The truth about minimalism and how it’s been used to improve lives, cause massive guilt, and everything in between.
  • How minimalism and life editing are intimately tied to each other for your benefit.
  • Why we resist minimalism, especially when we think everything must “spark joy.”
  • Common myths about living with less. It’s not about owning one outfit and sleeping on the floor in an all-white house.
  • The dangers of minimalism including the “one pair of underwear” people.
  • Small ways to embrace minimalism without deprivation in your life, business, health, relationships, and more.

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