Life Editor’s Picks: Mad Tea Party

If you were to look in my kitchen cabinets, you’d realize I have a bit of an obsession with mugs.

That’s because I’m constantly gulping down coffee and tea like the caffeine-addicted Life Editor I am. My dentist loves to point out how stained my teeth are.

And if you continue to wander around my house (seriously, what are you doing here?), you’d also notice my obsession with all things Disney.

Movies, artwork, clothes, home decor, games, books, and even bedding have been sprinkled with pixie dust. Disney keeps me in a childlike mood despite the problems of the real world.

So today I thought it’d be great to combine my 2 passions and host a (virtual) soiree with the whimsical Alice In Wonderland characters. New cup, move down!

Here are my picks for a marvelously mad tea party.

1. Funko Pop! Keychain Alice in Teacup. This adorable mini ride will spin you around without the dizziness.

2. Alice in Wonderland Cookie Cutters. Perfect for your “Eat Me” cookies.

3. Loose Leaf Tea Infuser. A bright and peppy strainer for any magical drink.

4. Alice in Wonderland 6 Pack Flavored Tea Bag Sampler. Can’t make it to the Disney theme parks? These teas (and your imagination) will transport you there.

5. Alice In Wonderland Tumbler. For when you’re on the go in a strange land just like our heroine.

6. Alice Playing Cards. Fun for all ages . . . just watch out for the Queen of Hearts!

7. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. A gorgeous classic for your bookshelf.

8. Bakeology Vegan Cookies. No tea party is complete without a spread of yummy snacks.

9. Ceramic Espresso Coffee Cups with Saucers. I’m in love with these marbled mugs that add a dash of class to any party.

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