Life Editor’s Picks: Home Office Indulgences

Just because most of us are working from home, doesn’t mean our workspaces need to look like dorm rooms.

It’s so easy to just dump papers wherever, park yourself on the couch, or use an old Amazon box as a desk. You’re alone, so who cares, right?

No way, Life Editor! You deserve a proper workspace even if you’re dodging Legos and dog toys throughout the rest of the house.

The good thing is you can pick and choose where to spend (maybe a supportive chair) and where to save (cutesy desk supplies). By elevating your surroundings, you’ll be more motivated to do your work and feel like the true professional you are.

Here are my top picks for home office indulgences.

1. Rose Gold Office Accessories. A cost-effective, yet high-end looking set to organize all your supplies.

2. White/Gold Two-Drawer Home Office Computer Desk. You deserve something swanky, not your ancient coffee table. This desk will make you feel just as fabulous as Miranda Priestly.

3. Velvet Office Swivel Chair. This is what (work) dreams are made of! Comes in 3 gorgeous jewel tones.

4. Gold Calculator. True, we all have calculators in our phones now, but this beauty is meant to be seen, if not actually used.

5. Rose Gold Wall Clock. Your time is precious so keep track of your minutes with this lovely timepiece.

6. Rose Gold Pens With Diamond Crystals. Now even your grocery list will get the royal treatment!

7. Crystal Table Lamp. This is at the top of my wish list! Expensive design with the practicality of USB ports. Brilliant!

8. Gold Decorative Plastic Small Wastebasket. Because even your trash deserves better than a used plastic bag.

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