4 Brilliant Benefits of Training for Career Progression

When I was still working in the corporate world in my 20s, I was known as a “job hopper.”

That’s someone who “hops” from job to job instead of staying in the same position for decades like our parents and grandparents used to do.

It’s supposed to be an insult, but I wore my “job hopper” title as a badge of honor! Why? Because I was never content to stay stagnant at a job with no options for advancement.

Once I got to the top of my pay bracket for a position, I’d be hopping to another company just to get the advancement that wasn’t offered where I was at. If only those companies had offered more training or a clear path to the next level, then I wouldn’t have been so eager to leave.

Job hopping is much more common now (2 decades later), and I’m happy to see so many young folks thinking about their career progression.

Not everyone wants to move up the corporate ladder, but if it’s available at your company, then it can certainly become a wonderful thing for your quality of life and satisfaction in the role you’re in.

Here are 4 brilliant benefits of training for career progression.

It Keeps You Motivated

With any job, there are going to be days where you might be lacking a certain amount of motivation, and that can be hard to shift.

If you’re often unmotivated, then it might be a good idea to look at training as a way to take what you already know and elevate it with the skills and knowledge that you don’t know yet. It can help keep you motivated in your job and in your career progression.

Often at times, it may feel like your career isn’t progressing at the rate that you’d like and it may be down to a number of things, one of which might be the lack of training you’ve given yourself.

It Provides Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is hugely important because if you don’t have that, then you can end up feeling like you don’t want to be in that job anymore. Sound familiar?

So whether you look at training in NASCLA or you’re wanting to gain more experience in accounting for your role as an accountant, then it’s worth doing that extra training.

Job satisfaction is very important because it can help ensure we’re happy in our jobs but also within our mental well-being too.

It Has Potential For Promotions

With career progression, there’s the potential for moving up the ladder and achieving a promotion. If you’re looking to do that, then there are benefits that training can give you when it comes to any competition you’re up against.

If you’re being considered for the new role going or a promotion and you’re up against other staff members, do what you can to help improve your application. With the initiative you take, you will end up reflecting positively when it comes to those making the decisions.

You should always try and do what you can to improve your opportunities for promotion, even if you feel like you’ve done enough.

It Attracts New Opportunities

There’s a lot that could potentially come from training, more so from new opportunities outside of your current role. Make sure you’re being active in meeting new people and getting your name out there beyond your current job.

You never know what might happen when networking or who you might meet that could completely change your career prospects completely.

Training for career progression is necessary and it can better your opportunities in more ways than one. Make an effort to get more training throughout your career and never become complacent that you’re at the top of your game.

There’s always a potential to go up the ladder and gain more success!

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