How to “Walk Your Talk” in Business and Life

I’m a big proponent of “walking your talk.”

That is, living your life in alignment with what you believe in and actually doing the things you recommend to others.

So it’s probably no surprise to you that I have my own business coach. Frankly, you should never hire a coach who doesn’t believe in coaching. Imagine hiring a dentist who doesn’t floss!

I was on a recent Zoom call with my coach’s mastermind group, and we were discussing his challenge for us to send daily emails Monday through Friday.

Those of you who have been on my list for at least a few months have noticed this, and if you just signed up, then get ready to see a lot of me in your inbox.

Getting in front of my subscribers multiple times per week reduces their resistance to making a purchase, keeps them anticipating the next nugget of wisdom, and builds trust.

Yes, there are unsubscribes too, but I get more than 5 times that number of new subscribers per day. Since I’ve started my daily email routine, my open rate has skyrocketed, and my list is filled with dedicated Super Fans. 

Another woman on the call scrunched up her face as if our coach had suggested eating bugs or dying our hair electric green.

“Ugh, I could never do that to my subscribers! I hate daily emails.” she scoffed.

You might also know that I can’t stand people who push back on good advice and who would rather do nothing than get out of their comfort zones.

“Do you receive daily emails from anyone?” I challenged her.

“Yes, I get daily emails from [spiritual guru]. I love his short motivational stories.” 

It was delicious watching the shock come over her face as she realized what she said.

Here’s the truth: if you enjoy a brand or person, then you’ll want to hear from them often.

My favorite clothing stores and coaches send daily emails, and my favorite YouTube channels post daily or at least several times a week.

I gobble up content that means something to me. And I bet you do too. 

Of course, you don’t have to send daily emails. But is there something that could drastically boost your success, but you’re not doing it?

Where are you not “walking your talk”?

Look at all the areas of your life and business and determine where you’re not in alignment. Then take a step outside your comfort zone.

And what about that woman who hates daily emails? She’s sending them now.

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