How to Unlock Your Creativity When You Feel Uninspired

Creativity isn’t just painting, drawing, writing, dancing, or practicing a fine art of some kind. It’s so much more!

Creativity means using your imagination to develop unique new ideas. 

Even if you have no artistic talent, you can still be creative. All you need to do is tap into your creative side and show the world your special viewpoint.

I used my creativity to take the somewhat mundane career of “life coaching” and transform it into something magical by pairing it with my former book editing skills to create life editing.

Looking at the world with fresh eyes can help you expand upon what’s already available to you.

But what if your mind is foggy and nothing seems to spark your interest? What if it’s been days and days since your last brilliant idea?

Here are some easy ways to unlock your creativity when you feel uninspired.

Question Everything 

To boost your creativity, you can question everything to delve deeper into the different aspects of your life.

Be curious, ask questions, find out everything you can about anything that interests you.

Once you start questioning, your mind can be free because it has several different directions to go in, rather than the one that everyone initially sees.

Use your curiosity to uncover the world around you, and your creativity will grow when you have more to think about. 

Try a New Age Path 

Most people have lives filled with the same old routines: wake up, shower, eat breakfast, get the kids ready for school, go to work, etc.

Staying planted in your comfort zone will make your creativity disappear. There’s nothing inspiring about a life without challenges.

You can start small by trying just one small new thing, perhaps a new route to work or a new breakfast food. A tiny change is a no-risk way to broaden your horizons.

You may want to learn about new age techniques. The term “new age” refers to practices that delve deeper into spirituality, allowing you to step away from the stresses and strains of modern day living, and when you do this, your mind will be freer to unlock more creativity. Numerology is a great place to start; you might discover you have soul urge number 3 which is all about talent and creativity.

Since creativity is about finding inspiration wherever you can and using that to inform your life and choices, understanding more about new age practices can help to open your eyes and become more in tune with that inspiration.

Turn Off Your Screens 

I once saw a meme that perfectly described modern life, “At the end of the work day, we shut off the medium screen so we can stare at the large screen while we scroll through the small screen.”

Screens are everywhere. We carry them in our pockets, use them all day, watch them at night, and we’re expected to always be available.

Now, I’d never suggest completely ditching your laptops or phones. I wouldn’t have a career without the internet! But aimlessly scrolling through social media is just numbing you out instead of actually inspiring you.

Put boundaries around your screen time such as a specific shut-off time at night so you can get good rest. You might also limit your social media to one or two check-ins per day.

Look Up and Around

How often do you take in what’s all around you in the real world?

I remember riding the train to and from work daily in my 20s and watching the city pass by the window. This was long before I had a cell phone so I had plenty of time to think and let my creative ideas come to me.

Challenge yourself to notice the environments you inhabit this week: your home, your office, the park, the grocery store, your car, etc. What tiny details do you notice? What do you hear, see, and smell?

You’ll notice things that never grabbed your attention when you’re preoccupied with your phone.

Move Your Body 

Regular exercise, stretching, or any kind of movement can open up your creativity.

An exercise routine with rhythmic breathing and blood pumping to your brain can put you in a flow state so you can tap into higher level thoughts.

When you’re exercising, you don’t need to think about what you’re doing. You just do it. That leaves your mind free to get creative and come up with interesting and exciting ideas that can help you in the future. 

Be Around Creative People 

The more you’re around creative people, the more creative you’ll be yourself. 

It may be difficult to meet creative people now that most of us are in a state of lockdown; however, you can still meet people through Facebook groups, virtual Meetup events, or online classes.

Start a conversation and get feedback on your ideas. Ask questions about topics and situations you don’t understand, find common interests, and keep in touch with your new friends.

Allow Yourself to Daydream 

If you can spare the time, daydreaming is a great way to unlock your creativity. 

Daydreaming allows your mind to wander wherever it wants, and you’ll discover all kinds of fascinating and creative ideas if you just let it go.

Put on some soothing music, make a cup of tea, light a candle, and sit quietly with whatever thoughts come up. Keep a notebook handy to collect any ideas you have no matter how unusual they might seem at first.

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