How to Provide Excellent Customer Service in Healthcare

You may recall that I was a book editor in healthcare publishing for nearly 10 years before I became a life coach.

I was always in awe of the doctors and medical professionals I worked with and how they selflessly put their patients’s needs first every day. Healthcare work can be thankless, exhausting, and yet, extremely fulfilling.

The healthcare industry is often inundated with appointments, emergency customer needs, and requests, so it’s important not to forget about providing good customer service.

No matter if you run your own healthcare practice or work within a large corporation, it’s essential to attend to customers and fulfill their needs. After all, our health is the most important aspect of life!

Here are tips for how to providing excellent customer service in the healthcare industry.

Use the Best Equipment

When a customer has an appointment, you’ll want to make sure your practice is safe and sterile. Your client should feel and know they are getting the best treatment in a clean environment. Keeping your equipment and space clean is one thing, and showing that you use the best and safest equipment is something extra that will keep your customers happy and satisfied. 

For instance, during the pandemic, you will want to use PPE equipment. ScripHessco can provide all the supplies you need for the best performance and client service. From PPE to tables and tools, they have something to solve the needs of every practitioner.

Maintain a Patient-First Mentality

If you’re a solo practitioner, you’ll want to attract customers, and ensuring you have a patient-first mentality will shine through and make your clients feel well-cared-for.

On the other hand, an intimidating experience could make the patient feel overwhelmed and become fearful to use your service again, which could hinder your business. Always be friendly, make them feel relaxed, and give them personal advice to make sure they feel happy and content within your practice. 

Train Your Employees the Right Way

Within any practice, small or large, there will always be extra employees. From receptionists to assistant nurses, everyone should be trained the right way.

Encourage them to provide any patient with advice, friendliness, and patience to make their experience comfortable. If employees are not trained in customer service, then they will lack the skills to keep the customers happy. Friendly staff often results in happy customers.

Collect Feedback

Customer feedback will help your healthcare practice learn from mistakes. Whether it’s feedback on the appointment, treatment, or staff friendliness, all feedback should be welcomed and considered.

You can collect feedback through customer forms, an anonymous questionnaire, or simply by asking them. 

Use Digital Appointment Booking

The internet and digital systems make life much easier, especially when a customer doesn’t have the time to wait on hold to speak to a receptionist to book an appointment

The digital system can collect data such as age, name, and gender that can help you unlock the appropriate help they need. The patient can also look over available dates and times and book an appointment.

Digital booking provides a fuss-free and time-saving way for customers to schedule an appointment.

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