Go Global! How to Attract Customers From Around the World

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The year may be winding down, but my Startup In 60 members and I are gearing up for one last hustle to end 2020 with a bang!

This week began the live session my time management course for busy women who want to start a business from scratch in just 60 days, whether they have 60 minutes or 60 seconds per day. Yes, really!

If that sounds like something you want to try, there’s still time to join us here.

One of the lessons I teach in the program is that by having an online business, your potential client base is HUGE! Selling your products online means that you can technically reach anyone around the world.

However, when you first set up your online store, you might only target people within your own country. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with the prospect of handling different currencies, languages, or international shipping.

But here’s the truth: you’ll be more successful (and get more sales) if you expand your reach and target customers in other countries.

This is easy to do online, but there are still a few things you’ll need to do if you want to attract new customers. Let’s go global!

Translate Your Business

I admit it, as an America, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the entire world revolves around you. We can be a little self-centered.

That’s why it was a shock for me the first time I reviewed my traffic analytics and discovered that more than 40% of my readers (and potential clients) are from outside the US.

It’s true that many people from different countries are happy to shop in English, particularly if you’re focusing on English-speaking countries.

But to sell your products and services to a wider range of people, you may find it useful to translate your website in other languages. You can have your business site translated so that it’s easy to navigate for people who might prefer their own language.

You could also have social media posts in different languages and even provide customer support in a variety of languages. Use professional translation services to ensure accuracy when you translate your website and more.

Think About Currency

This was a mistake I made early in my business because I only accepted US dollars through credit card payments.

I had more than a few clients call me out because the exchange rate for their currency was astronomical or because they wanted to pay with PayPal.

People often want to pay for things that they buy online in their own currency. This is because it’s more transparent, and they know how much they’re going to be paying without having to work out an exchange rate.

Now there’s no need to offer every possible currency right away, but you could consider starting with some key countries you’re interested in targeting.

For example, offering payment in US dollars or euros will make buying your products easier for your international customers. A good online payment portal will make the payment process smooth too.

Set Up Local Contact Details

This next tip is for my readers who live outside the US.

Because of the bias toward US companies, you might have to work harder to prove that your business is legitimate and just as helpful as American ones.

Your customers might want to see that you have some sort of business presence in their own country. It can be useful if they have an in-country point of contact that they can reach out to, especially for people who prefer to make phone calls.

At physicaladdress.com, you can get a US address that you can use for your business. It allows you to view any mail sent there online whenever you want.

You can do similar things for other countries and also get local phone numbers. It’s worth considering time zones for phone numbers and other points of contact too.

Ensure Smooth International Shipping

For many years, I sold printed planners that I shipped all over the world by myself. It was such a hassle because the system I was using didn’t allow for tracking numbers on packages so I had no idea when my planners would arrive on the other side of the world.

You also need to consider shipping if you sell your products internationally. Of course, some orders will take longer to get to their destination than others, but your customers still don’t want to be waiting longer than possible for their things to arrive.

Do your research! It’s important to choose the right providers for delivery to ensure your customers receive excellent service and are satisfied with their orders.

Attracting customers from around the world is practically effortless when you’re online. A few changes can help to make your website and services more suitable for international customers.

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