How to Overcome Self-Doubt as a Business Owner

Being an entrepreneur is a full-time job, and while you may be passionate about your business, feelings of self-doubt may creep in occasionally.

It’s natural to feel self-doubt when you want your business to succeed. But self-doubt can erode your confidence and damage your business, so you must manage your self-doubt so you can do your work, grow your business, and feel capable.

Here are some ways to overcome self-doubt as a business owner.

Reconnect With Your Business

Self-doubt can sneak up on you, and so take a moment to think about why you’re feeling this way when it happens.

Was there a specific mistake recently that triggered the self-doubt and made you question your abilities? Did you get overwhelmed by your workload?

Reconnect with your the reason why you started your business in the first place. Reconnect with your purpose to work through through self-doubt and renew your determination.

Get Inspired

It can be helpful to review other entrepreneurs’ journeys to get some inspiration. Learning about business owners you admire, such as Belinda Stronach, can remind you how successful entrepreneurs pushed through difficult times and maintained a positive mindset to eliminate self-doubt in challenging circumstances.

Review Your Achievements 

It’s easy to forget your past achievements when you’re running the day-to-day business operations. Starting a business from an idea is a huge accomplishment.

Remind yourself how far you’ve come to prove you’re capable of achieving great things. Your past strength and determination helped you overcome self-doubt and can continue to boost your confidence and capable feelings.  

Find Support

Entrepreneurs often feel self-doubt, but a fresh perspective can help. Talking through how you feel with someone you trust can help reframe your thinking. Extra support from those around you can eliminate self-doubt and renew your determination and business focus.

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