How Technology Improves Your Employees’ Mental Health

Technology makes it possible for people all over the world to stay connected. Everyone hears about current events at the same times, and it’s easier for businesses to improve and adapt when everyone shares information.

But no matter how advanced technology becomes, there will always be a need to focus on employee mental health and wellness. It’s actually something that Dee Agarwal has even pointed out too. Technology can make work easier, and for businesses, it can actually help the mental health of employees.

Here are 3 ways technology can improve your employees’ mental health.

Improves Work-Life Balance

Technology can boost work-life balance, especially with automation, and improve well-being. But it can also cause stress and anxiety such as the constantly connected work culture where your boss texts you at 11:00 pm at night, and you’re expected to reply quickly. 

Make an effort to foster a culture of balance at your company to avoid overwhelm and burnout. Technology can handle work that usually would have taken longer to do so your employees can enjoy their personal lives without worrying about their jobs.

Increases Access to Resources

An abundance of resources can be useful for your employees, but they can also make it difficult for managers to spot signs of stress in their employees, and often, employees are afraid to approach their manager with a concern. However, technology provides a confidential way for workers to check-in such as offering an app for employees to discreetly access services such as counseling or support groups. 

This can be particularly beneficial for frontline employees who may not feel comfortable approaching their managers with concerns. Additionally, data masking and anonymity are key elements in ensuring employees feel their privacy is protected. Not all companies are offering this option or even have the funds to do so, but even an online therapy stipend could help a lot.

Makes Everything Convenient

Technology is a part of our everyday lives, and most people depend on the convenience. It is a major part of workplaces, and it can improve productivity and help employees find the tools they need to manage stress. Technology just makes work easier, and AI tools make it easier for employees to scout out the solutions they have to their problems.

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