How I Edit: Sarah Fox, The Bookish Fox

This is a post in my How I Edit series where ambitious women share real-life examples of how they edit their lives and businesses with the help of my Life Editing Process.

Please say hello to Sarah Fox!

Sarah Fox, The Bookish Fox

How I Create a Foundation of Gratitude

I am really grateful that my job is to help writers make their book dreams come true. I am also thankful for my beautiful apartment in Washington D.C. and that I get to share it with my husband and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

I focus on these good things by filling out the “daily gratitude” section of my planner. It forces me to get creative and remember some of the smaller things, such as pretty bookmarks or raspberry hot chocolate. It also really helps to have a husband who always exclaims, “We live charmed lives!”

How I Delete Bad Influences

I have gotten rid of some toxic people from my life. There were some people who were constantly nit-picking everything I did or just asked for too much without giving anything in return.

Now that I only have positive people in my life, I feel like I have so much energy and more confidence. As a result, I feel like I have more to give to other people and the world.

A smaller thing I have deleted is mindless Internet surfing. It is amazing how much time I have gotten back!

How I Add Good Habits

I am glad that I have developed a daily writing habit. It may not be a lot of words, but it feels good to know that I am honing my skills every day and getting closer to a finished manuscript.

Also, this may sound really small, but I am really happy that I have added the habit of drinking over 64 oz of water a day! It has made such a huge difference. I am less tired and way more productive.

How I Rearrange Everything Into a Perfect Flow

I manage my life with my daily planner. I don’t know how I would function if I didn’t have my planner to remind me of when I have appointments or help me manage my schedule.

I also have a daily to-do list. I try not to make it too long; I have three major things I need to get done each day and a few other items to do if I happen to get through those early. As long as I get the three most important things done, then I feel like I have had a productive day.

The key is also to make the list the night before so you don’t have that moment in the morning where you think: “What am I supposed to do today?”

How I Make White Space

As a writer, I of course love writing my novel and reading fiction (particularly Young Adult books). I also love dancing; it is a great form of exercise, and it energizes me.

I am also obsessed with watching every high school show known to mankind (some of my latest favorites are Freaks and Geeks and Dawson’s Creek).

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Thanks for sharing your life editing tips, Sarah!

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