Heads Up! Last Day for Summer Retreat Tickets!

As I’m writing this, I’m watching the neighbors across the street pack up their truck with multi-colored pool floaties, a cooler that I’m sure is filled with sandwiches and watermelon slices, and more beach towels than I can count.

Now they’re hooking up their boat to the back bumper and heading off on another summer adventure.

It’s Friday! It’s summer! I know you have better things to do besides reading another blog post from me. 🙂

So let me keep this short and sweet.

Today is your LAST CHANCE to join me for 4 days of setting ginormous goals and planning your heart out at my summer retreat, Life Editor Weekend.

This self-care escape from your everyday responsibilities will help you uncover your ideal life story and choose tiny doable edits to make it a reality.

The choice is yours.

You could spend your summer chained to your desk in an air-conditioned dungeon. Or you could indulge in some fun in the sun with your Life Editor Sisters.

Your edited life is waiting for you.

CLICK HERE to get your ticket for Life Editor Weekend.