Get Stuff Done! 3 Quick Fixes for To-Do List Overwhelm

Whenever my life feels totally disorganized, I write a fresh to-do list. 

It might take a while to gather up all the bits of paper, sticky notes, and tasks hastily scribbled on napkins or envelopes, but nothing compares to that sense of relief when everything is rewritten clearly in a single spot.

A to-do list is my roadmap for my business projects, self-care plans, and anything else I want to accomplish. 

But for many of my clients, a to-do list is a torture device! Their to-do lists are so overwhelming that they freeze up, do nothing for weeks, and then complain that they can’t “get it together.”

Sound familiar?

Today, I’m sharing practical solutions to solve all your planning problems.

Watch this video for 3 quick fixes for to-do list overwhelm.

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