Free Printable Worksheet: Daily Planner for 2016

I’m the type of person who always likes to try before I buy.

It’s hugely satisfying to get a taste of something before I fork over my hard-earned money, precious time, or limited energy.

Try a spoonful of ice cream before buying the sundae? Yes, please!

Test the perfume on my wrist before purchasing the full bottle? But of course!

Live in sin for years before putting on ring on it? Heh heh heh!

As a Life Editor, you want to make sure the quality of whatever it is you’re eyeing is up to your standards.

There’s no way you’ll waste your time on just any old thing. That’s the mark of a discerning editor!

So if you’ve been looking at my all new 2016 Edited Year Planners, watching the behind-the-scenes videos, examining the pretty pages, hemming and hawing over which one is better…please allow me to make your life easier.

I’ve got a free printable worksheet for you that’s pulled directly from the Weekly Calendar. Now you can try out some daily life editing without spending a dime.

Download your copy now!

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With this Daily Planner, you get an inside look at the Weekly Calendar plus an easy-to-use organizer for your daily schedule, main priorities, to-do items, goal tracking, and life editing progress.

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