The Life Editor Podcast Ep. 7: You Have Permission to be Imperfect

Today I want to talk about a tendency I’ve noticed that many Life Editors share.

In addition to being super organized, Type A thinkers and planners, we’re also perfectionists.

This is overwhelmingly the case. If I had to pull a number out of the air, I’d guess that 90% or more of Life Editors are perfectionists.

At first, that might sound like a good thing. Hell yeah, I want things to be perfect!

But perfectionism holds us back from completing those brilliant projects we’ve dreamt up. We like things to be “just so” and when they’re not, we give up, or procrastinate, or stop doing our work until we feel inspired again.

In this week’s podcast, we’re talking about why you need to give yourself a break, overcoming your resistance, and the real way to think like an editor.

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In This Episode

  • 0:43 You Have Permission to be Imperfect
  • 3:49 What I’m Reading: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
  • 6:45 Easy Edit: Think Like an Editor, Delete Then Add

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