Face Your Fear Week 2014 Is Here!

Welcome to Face Your Fear Week 2014!

In my blog posts this week, you’ll learn how to confront your fear so you can live an authentic, edited life.

Wait a minute—why should we face our fear? Is that really the right word?

Shouldn’t we bury our heads under our pillows and cower in the dark?

Shouldn’t we cry for our mommies and pray that whatever horrible thing that scares us just goes away on its own?

Or maybe you’re feeling a bit more kickass…

Maybe you want to crush your fear. Or wad it up like a piece of paper and chuck it into the trash. Grrr!

Maybe you want to pull out your bazooka and blast your fear into smithereens! Take THAT, you sucky fear!

Well, I’m here to shift your perception around fear and all the things that scare you. It’s time to broaden your scope of what fear really is.

Because truthfully, fear has a place in your life.

It was a purposeful choice of mine to name this week “Face Your Fear” instead of “Kill Your Fear” or “Destroy Your Fear” or “Beat the Livin’ Crap Out of Your Fear.”

Fear isn’t necessarily good or bad.

It just is.

Fear is your body’s way of warning you about danger.

Sometimes this danger is real such as risky situations or toxic people.

And sometimes this danger is imaginary such as when your fear convinces you to play small or put your dreams on hold.

But hiding from your fear or pushing it away with all your might is ignoring the important message it’s trying to convey to you.

By facing your fear and looking deep into its scary abyss, you can avoid hurtful circumstances, push past your known boundaries, and gain limitless success in your career, health, relationships, and all areas of your life.

So, come out from hiding and put away your weapons.

There’s nothing to be afraid of.

It’s time to face your fear! And I’ve got a brand new freebie to help you do it.

Introducing the Face Your Fear Digital Guidebook.

And look! A new worksheet too ’cause you know how much I love ’em. 🙂

The Face Your Fear Digital Guidebook is one of dozens of free worksheets, ebooks, videos, and other resources in the Editor’s Toolkit. Click here to get instant access.

See you tomorrow for more fear and fun!