Enjoy a Virtual Retreat in the Life Editor Clubhouse

I’m currently hunkered down in the house with Chris and Skyla as Hurricane Michael pounds the Florida coast.

Don’t worry! We’re fine, but that does mean I need to find some creative ways to pass the time. So far, that includes watching all the Harry Potter movies again for the millionth time. Accio potato chips!

What about you? Can’t get away on vacation because of your work and other responsibilities?

Enjoy a virtual retreat this weekend in the Life Editor Clubhouse!

Indulge in some white space as you watch more than 8 hours of videos including:

  • Step 1: Create a Foundation
  • Step 2: Delete Bad Influences
  • Step 3: Add Good Habits and Routines
  • Step 4: Rearrange Everything Into a Perfect Flow
  • Step 5: Make White Space for Personal Self-Care
  • Mastering Your Money Mindset
  • Perfect Planning and Goal Setting
  • Handling Fear and Self-Doubt
  • Business Best Practices and Marketing
  • Creating Urgency in Your Life and Business
  • Finding Your Accountability Partners

Let the retreat begin! CLICK HERE to join the Life Editor Clubhouse.

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