Enjoy 3 Fun Parties During the Life Editor Weekend Retreat August 2023!

Sometimes I imagine what kind of career I would have if I wasn’t a life and business coach.

Sure, I could go back to being a book editor, but medical textbooks and journals just don’t interest me anymore.

Nah, I’d probably choose a more light-hearted job to bring fun and joy into people’s lives. In my younger days, I seriously considered becoming a party planner because of all the fun shindigs I threw for my friends.

I’ve hosted murder mystery parties, cookie parties, half-birthday parties, Halloween parties, and numerous Groundhog Day parties (yeah, I’m a weirdo).

Being a Life Editor is too amazing for me to consider switching careers, but I still get to indulge in my party planning ways during my in-person retreats.

In fact, my upcoming Life Editor Weekend retreat has 3 PARTIES! 

  • A Favorite Things Party to share what we love and get a bunch of treats to take home with us.
  • A Planning Pajama Party to lounge around and make vision boards, bucket lists, and goal action plans.
  • An Intention Setting Party to embrace our edited lives and businesses and make huge mindset shifts.

Life Editor Weekend is your self-care getaway!

You’ll spend a 4 days and 3 nights in sunny Orlando, Florida, with your fellow Life Editors and learn how to stop drifting through your life and start editing it.

There are practical learning sessions, goal planning, Q&A with me, group games and activities, tons of yummy food, relaxing by the pool, dancing like a maniac, and the parties!

What do you most want to edit in your life or business?

What goals do you want to reach before the end of 2023?

Join the Fun at the Life Editor Weekend Retreat!

Dates: Thursday, August 17—Sunday, August 20, 2023
Location: Orlando, Florida
Tickets on sale now through July 17, 2023.

Click here for all the details and get your ticket.

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