Easy Ways to Give Back That Are Oh So Rewarding

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This year, we all learned that we need to make the most of the time we have.

We never know how long we have left, and you don’t want to regret the things you did (or didn’t) do with your life.

That means taking action towards your goals instead of just dreaming, working hard to reach your full potential, and making sure you’re improving the lives of everyone around you.

No pressure, right?

Maybe achieving all your ginormous goals feels a little out of reach after the rough time we had this year; however, it’s usually easier to focus on helping other people.

Giving back, donating your time and energy, and spreading kindness around has the added benefit of boosting your happiness too!

For many of my clients, starting and running a business are the biggest ways they give back to the world. If you have a business, consider ways you can give back at the end of the year.

Because we feel amazing when we do nice things for others.

Need some good will ideas? Here are easy ways to give back that are oh so rewarding.


Imparting wisdom onto students (young and old!) is a fabulous way to give back to the community while rewarding yourself.

What community can you help? Your local town, your school, your workplace, your blog audience, your business followers, your friends, and your family are great places to start.

Directing your energy to uplift a specific group of people will make you feel as though you have a purpose. No more drifting through quarantine without direction. From providing virtual lessons for medical schools abroad to teaching maths to pre-schoolers, there are many options.

In this socially distant, isolated world, we must actively look beyond ourselves. Teaching others (online or in-person), sharing your knowledge, giving hope is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Go Into Healthcare

Many of you may remember that my former book editing career was specifically for medical textbooks.

Healthcare will always have a special place in my heart, and we’re very lucky our society has facilities and professionals for caring for our mental, physical, emotional, and social well-being.

Starting a healthcare career can sometimes be difficult and strenuous (burnout is real!), but it’s also possible for anyone.

You could become an occupational therapist, psychiatrist, doctor, counselor, or any number of specialties. Improving the quality of life for others is something that will make anyone feel good. 

Volunteer at Charitable Organizations

Charity is unfortunately much needed in this world, and not just around Christmas time.

Choose a cause that’s important to you, and then seek out charities that share your values.

You could serve meals to the homeless, work at a food bank, care for animals in a shelter, donate blood, or clean up your neighborhood.

Volunteering for others can help you put a face to the cause instead of thinking of the situation as nameless statistics.

Be Kind To Every Single Person 

As you go about your life, think about how your actions and words affect those around you. It’s not all about you!

I like to periodically ask myself, “Am I being kind?”

This simple question informs every decision I make including where I donate money, what things I buy, the foods I eat (I’m a vegan), the lifestyle I follow (I’m a Buddhist), and who I associate with.

Having a positive attitude and treating others with kindness every day will add meaning to your own life.

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