Do You Hear Something?

Shhh! Do you hear something?

Listen…I can barely make it out…

“You can do it. Everything is different now!”

“We’ve got you, and you’re not alone!”

“This will be your best year ever. Let’s go!”

I know what that is!

It’s the voices of your future best friends who you’ll meet in Life Editor Academy. You don’t know them yet, but in your heart you know that your sisters will help you become a stronger, more creative, happier Life Editor.

Life Editor Academy is a 12-month group mastermind program for 10 ambitious women who are ready to stop playing around and finally ACHIEVE THOSE GOALS they’ve had for years but never believed in themselves enough to do it.

I think Life Editor Academy is pretty amazing, but don’t take my word for it!

Here are testimonials from the 2016 class:

  • “All the ladies are in the same boat. It’s fun to have people who know what you’re going through and understand how difficult it can be.” Erika Swafford
  • “I learned that it’s OK to change direction. This great group of women are very supportive, talented, and inspiring.” Meag Barkhouse
  • “I love Sage! She is encouraging, has tons of energy, and holds you accountable.” Cathy Colangelo
  • “We’re all going through stuff, and it’s nice to make a plan together. Sage is compassionate and a great listener.” Judy Caban
  • “I feel more confident that I can implement the new habits I want to create. All the ladies are genuine and supportive.” Julie Benningfield

Watch their testimonial videos HERE.

What do you want to edit in your life?

  • Start a business and gain financial independence.
  • Get a new job that lights you up inside.
  • Focus on your health and fitness for the first time in who knows when.
  • Cut out toxic people and situations so you can feel that weight off your shoulders.
  • Find your tribe of supportive and loving accountability partners.
  • Crush your self-doubts and take control of your time and energy.
  • Develop your passions or make time for hobbies and play.
  • Reconnect with a spiritual practice and find peace in the present moment.
  • Figure out what the hell you’re supposed to do in your life.

Life Editor Academy can help you live your authentic life story and accomplish things you never thought were possible for you.

Never underestimate what you’re capable of when you’ve got a team of life editing sisters supporting you every step of the way.

Your life editing tribe is waiting for you! CLICK HERE to apply for Life Editor Academy.

Act fast! I’m only accepting applications through October 31.