Design Your “Easy Yes” Product for Daily Sales | Small Business Marketing

Us Life Editors aren’t the type to sit around twiddling our thumbs or snoozing during our lunch breaks.

We have BIG goals that require BIG action!

But I’m going to challenge your ideas about productivity and encourage you to be *strategically* lazy this week.

One of first lazy projects I help my clients set up is their “easy yes” products for their businesses. This is a low-priced but high-value digital product that’s the natural next step after your freebie.

When you have a no-brainer product that’s irresistibly inexpensive, you can boost your bottom line and get sales as soon as someone signs up for your email subscriber list.

Like they say in the old infomercials, “You just set it and forget it!”

Now it’s your turn to indulge your lazy side. Today I’m sharing the exact step-by-step method I use to create a product once and then sell it thousands of times.

Watch this video to learn how to design your “easy yes” product for daily sales.

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