Can You Coach Yourself? How to Be Your Own Life Coach

Whenever you become successful at something, it attracts nitpickers and naysayers who want to poke holes in your achievement in order to make themselves (and their mediocre lives) seem better.

“You lost a few pounds? It must be water weight and you’ll gain it all back.”

“You paid off your house? Who cares because it’s in a crummy neighborhood.”

And as the face of my own online business, I’ve gotten a heap of hate from random nobodies who claim my skills are a bunch of baloney.

“A life coach? HA! That’s not a real job. No one needs help to reach their goals. If you want something bad enough, you just do it.”

Granted, these Negative Nellies are only a teeny tiny fraction of the comments I receive . . . and most are overwhelmingly positive.

But maybe you’re not convinced. Really, can’t anyone follow a few productivity tips, start new habits, and bingo!–you’re a new you?

Watch today’s video for my unconventional advice about whether you can (or should!) be your own life coach.

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Time Stamps

0:00 Intro
2:26 My life coaching background
5:55 Why I know you’re capable of making positive changes by yourself
9:29 How the Wizard of Oz illustrates the magic of proper coaching
15:59 The 2 reasons your friends and family make terrible accountability partners
19:51 The 1 reason you can’t hold yourself accountable
24:00 The 1 element a coach provides that you cannot get anywhere else
27:05 Your homework for this week

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