Big Changes! New Focus, New Content, New YouTube Channel, and More!

I can’t believe I’m saying this again, but things are changing around here!

As I mentioned during last week’s Planning Party, I’ve been feeling unsatisfied with my YouTube content. My business-themed videos with marketing strategies that specifically apply to my clients don’t get many views, while my book review videos get 3 or 4 times as many views.

To be honest, my content is a jumbled mess: some business stuff, some productivity tips, some personal reading goals. This was to appease the vastly different feedback I received from my annual survey a few months ago.

My email list subscribers and social media followers aren’t niched-down to a specific ideal client. It’s my own fault since my transition from life coaching to solely business coaching has been somewhat rocky.

And when you try to please everyone, you end up pleasing no one . . . especially yourself. 

YouTube doesn’t know who to recommend my content to, and this lack of focus is causing confusion and making me miss out on providing truly valuable content to the people who need it.

I’ve been running my own coaching business for 12 years, and for the past 8 years, 99% of my paying clients hire me to work on their businesses.

Once more for the folks in the back:


So, I’m giving myself the same advice I would give one of my clients. My content needs to be solely business focused going forward.

I tried to implement this change last August and didn’t stick to it. But for whatever reason (a spring refresh?), I’m suddenly feeling inspired to keep the promises I make to myself.

That’ll probably offend my followers who want more light and breezy planning stuff, but as I mentioned already, those people don’t pay my bills.

This isn’t a hobby or side hustle for me. My business is literally how I afford food and rent, so if you have no interest in learning business strategies, then please click away from my blog.

My hope is that over time, my email subscriber list will naturally clean itself up with only my entrepreneurial Super Fans.

So, what’s changing?

  • My current YouTube channel will be business focused going forward. I have tons of marketing strategies I’ve been dying to share to help you earn more money. My goal is to honor the business owners who are my best customers
  • My reading and book reviews are moving to a new YouTube channel. This will give me a place to be creative without the pressure of needing to monetize the content. I’ll announce when my second channel is live soon, and my goal is to have it be a great place for more fluffy content.
  • I’ll send 2 emails per week: one for business, one for reading. My goal is that this will further clean up my email subscriber list and hone in on those ideal clients.

Will my new content plan work? Who knows! Honestly, I’m so fed up with my content and could really use some good vibes if you want to send them my way. 

But I’m too old and too experienced to keep wasting my time catering to people who don’t buy my products or services.

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