Aspiration Journaling (Scripting) to Get Everything You Want

If you came into my house, rifled through my bookshelves, and read from my journals (first of all, rude!), then you’d make a funny discovery.

All my journals look like mundane reflections on my business successes, personal triumphs, and favorite memories.

That is, they seem normal until you look at the dates and realize I was writing about all those beautiful things months or years before they actually happened.

Just call me Sorcerer Sage because I’m manifesting magic!

I’ve kept aspiration journals (also called scripting) for years to keep a positive attitude and feel hopeful about the future. It’s where you write AS IF all the wonderful things you want in your life have already happened.

You might not have that dream job, romantic relationship, or healthy body yet . . . but a little aspiration writing can make your goals closer than you think.

Watch this video to learn how to use an aspiration journal (scripting) to get everything you want.

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