3 Hours of Biz Coaching, No Charge! Kajabi Special

Most of my life coaching clients run their own businesses or have been dreaming about starting one for years.

My greatest pleasure is helping newbie entrepreneurs design beautiful programs, simplify their marketing, and automate as much as possible so their products “sell while they sleep.”

When I started my business, every day was AGONY as I juggled a dozen different programs: a payment processor, a website, a membership platform, an email system, a call scheduler, and countless plugins that were constantly glitching.

I was getting daily stress headaches, and my clients were fed up with the unprofessional setup too.

I’m 100% truthful when I say signing up for an all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) system transformed my business into the sleek and streamlined biz it is today.

And I owe my success to Kajabi.

If you’re tired of piecing your business together with random bits and bops like Frankenstein’s monster (scary!), then you’re going to LOVE THIS!

Starting now, Kajabi is offering 5 weeks for $5 with daily bite-sized emails to walk you through setting up every part of your business. Super helpful!

And that’s not all, Life Editor. 🙂

I’m sweetening the deal by adding a free 3-hour VIP Day coaching call with me to share all my best practices for maximizing your sales with Kajabi.

You’ll get an automatic email to schedule your 3-hour VIP Day with me after you sign up for Kajabi with this special link.

Plus, you can cancel before the 5 weeks is up if you find Kajabi isn’t right for you. No hassle!

Click here for all the details and sign up for 5 weeks of Kajabi for $5 plus a free 3-hour VIP Day with me.

NOTE: This special promotion ends on May 25, 2022.

An edited business is a profitable business!

PS, Got a question about the Kajabi promo with VIP Day? Send an email to sage@sagegrayson.com and I’ll respond as soon as possible.