5 Sports to Boost Your Physical and Mental Health in 2022

Sports can benefit your physical health, but they can also improve your mental well-being.

Consider adding more sports activities to your schedule in 2022 to feel healthy, strong, and capable.

Here are 5 sports to boost your physical and mental health.


Basketball can be played with friends and family, is low impact and easy on the joints, and is an excellent choice for older children and adults looking to stay fit. 

It’s also a fast-paced game, requiring quick reactions and lots of running, and can help you burn many calories in one session. Basketball improves cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility.

Indoor basketball is played at school gymnasiums or local sports clubs, indoors on spring floors, usually consists of two 20-minute halves, and has 8-foot baskets (smaller than standard goal).

Outdoor basketball is played in open spaces such as playgrounds or small courts, outdoors on hard surfaces, usually consists of two 25-minute halves, and has 10-foot baskets (standard goal height).


Tennis improves cardiovascular endurance, stamina, and strength. Michael Ducote Tennis helps build agility and mental toughness because the speed of a tennis match is an intense workout session.

Lawn courts are common versions of tennis played with a ball that bounces up to 52 inches. 

Clay courts are similar to lawn but have more grip than grass.

Hard courts are concrete or asphalt surface, the ball bounce is lower, and the ball moves faster and is harder to hit.


Running is an aerobic exercise you can do practically anywhere. It’s a high-intensity workout for improving cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, and speed.

There are no or low costs to running, and all you need is a pair of shoes and somewhere to run. Running also releases endorphins, the “feel good” hormones, so it’s perfect when you’re feeling stressed.


Cycling improves cardiovascular health and muscle strength. It’s low impact for people with joint problems and can be done indoors or outdoors. 

Road bikes are for racing long distances on smooth surfaces such as road or pavement.

Mountain bikes are for off-road racing and riding.

Hybrid bikes are between a street and mountain bike and ideal for medium distance rides such as commuting to work or school.


Swimming can be done almost anywhere there’s water and is easy to exercise your whole body and improve cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. 

It’s also low impact and is less likely to cause injuries than running and other high-impact sports. The strokes used in swimming work specific muscles more than others (for example, the butterfly is great for arms and chest).

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