4 Simple Steps for a Greener Business

“Going green” or running an eco-friendly business can save money, reduce expenses, enhance your brand image, connect with new clients who share your values, and make a positive contribution to the planet.

Here are 4 simple simple steps for a greener business.

Consider Flexible Working

Flexible working is more common because of the pandemic and changing employee aspirations and preferences. Remote working, working from home, and hybrid models offer employees and teams more control over their schedules and can benefit employers.

Business owners can lower expenses dramatically and reduce carbon emissions by cutting down on commuting. If you’ve been operating remotely during the pandemic, then consider what working models would benefit your team and business.

Promote Recycling and Reusing

Millions of tons of waste end up in landfill sites every year, but many products are recyclable such as paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and metal. Set up a recycling program or have containers to collect waste at your business premises and encourage customers and employees to recycle.

Promote reusing and repurposing items by working with other businesses that may have a use for your waste such as using waste materials to create new products to upcycling old furniture or office supplies. 

Use Less Energy and Water

Energy consumption is increasing so lower energy usage and save water to help the environment and reduce your bills. Use rainwater tanks to collect water for washing company cars or watering lawns and plants, swap old bulbs for energy-efficient lighting, and install motion sensors so you’re not paying for energy you don’t need. 

Go Digital

Digital solutions cut waste, make your business more efficient, and provide a superior service for your customers. Digital technologies can store and share files without using physical space, use files for several different purposes, liaise with other departments or teams, and reduce paper usage.

Going digital simplifies processes for your employees, reduces the risk of human error, and lowers running costs.

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