4 Environmentally Friendly Tips for a Greener Business

There are many ways a conscientious business owner such as yourself can make your business greener, and all it takes is some focused research and implementation.

Choosing environmentally friendly, green initiatives is great for business because it impresses your customers and your staff. You may have greater staff retention when they identify with your greener tactics.

Here are 4 environmentally friendly tips for a greener business.

Practice Energy Efficiency

Look at your heating and cooling systems and determine if they’re meeting standards. If not, they’re wasting a lot of energy, costing you money, and lacking in the service they’re supposed to provide. Consider investing in new systems.

Review your roof and see if it’s holey or not as well-insulated as it could be. Heat is lost through the roof in the winter months and could increase your electricity bill.

It may be worth having a roofer https://jrcousa.com/commercial-roofing/ assess the state of your roof and repair or replace it. 

Try Smart Lighting

Upgrade to a smart lighting system with low wattage bulbs, and also increase the natural light your workspace to reduce your electric bill. Additional lighting enhances the mood of everyone in the office and is a side effect of more natural light.

Remove any objects blocking the windows including posters, purchase doors, and fire doors with windows to let the light flow more easily. Strategically place mirrors and paint the walls a light color. You might get the roofers to install a skylight or two.  

Use Greener Packaging

Embrace greener packaging when you mail orders to your customers. For example, if you purchase your packaging from green suppliers, it might say on the box that you helped plant five trees. Biodegradable cardboard can be recycled and is superior to any plastic, and some packaging can even be planted.

Get More Plants

Plants in the workspace is the easiest way to look greener because they add color, purify the air, look good, and keep the temperature comfortable so you need less heating in winter and cooling in summer.

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