3 Tips to Boost Your Productivity When You Work From Home

The pandemic changed the way we work, and more people than ever work from home now.

Whether you’re temporarily working from home or running a home business, staying productive in your home environment is crucial.

Some people struggle to keep an efficient mindset at home because your brain associates your home with relaxation and free time. This is especially true if you’ve spent years working in an office, and your home was your sanctuary.

With a little planning, you can shift your mindset to view your home workspace as a place of productivity.

Here are 3 tips to boost your productivity when you work from home.

Set the Perfect Room Temperature

The temperature in your home can effect the way you work. You’ll be distracted if you’re constantly feeling too cold or too hot.

Get familiar with your heating and cooling system to find the perfect temperature for you. If it’s freezing cold all the time, then get your furnace checked out because sometimes the controls can malfunction and make your home very cold.

You can get replacement Fenwal controls or whichever brand you have in your home. A well-running heating system will create a warmer, more pleasant environment to work in. Air conditioning units also need checkups to keep you cool in the summer. 

Remove All Distractions

You’ll be more productive when you remove all distractions from your workspace. Put away your phone, avoid the TV, don’t do laundry, and possibly close the window blinds so you’re not people watching all day.

Working on your couch or in bed aren’t good ideas because there are too many distractions (TV, sleeping). Also consider if your clothes are too cozy and casual and put you in a too-relaxed mood. Remember, no pajamas!

Strategically Plan Your Days

Planning your days ahead of time is important no matter if you work in an office or at home. Your work deserves a sold plan, and you shouldn’t “wing it” simply because you’re in your home.

Set a schedule and stick to it so you’re always working on something important for your job. Planning your main priorities the night before can save you time in the morning because you’ll know exactly what you need to be doing.

A structured daily schedule can help you be as productive as possible and still have time for your personal life.

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