Your Toughest Business Questions—Answered!

One of the great things about working with a coach is that you always have someone to answer your questions.

My clients ask me all sorts of questions such as how to set up a website, how to price their products, how to get over their self-doubts, and how to get stuff done faster.

When you start a business from scratch, you won’t have all the answers, but the excitement of creating something new can keep you focused and determined. That’s enough to move you forward a bit, but that success will be short-lived when you experience challenges if you don’t have resources to answer your questions.

I’ve seen too many ambitious ladies lose their motivation when they get stuck figuring out a problem (and there will always be problems).

Today I’m answering some of the toughest business questions I get. Maybe they’re your questions too?

“Do I Need to Set Business Goals?”

If you’ve been following me for even a little while, then you know I’m a huge proponent of setting goals. People who “wing it” never reach the levels of success of those who make detailed project plans.

Personal goals can help you grow into a well-rounded person, and business goals can help your business evolve too. But setting goals isn’t enough. You also need a strategic plan to achieve those goals.

When starting a business, I recommend creating a 12 week plan instead of looking at a full 12 month calendar year. This works because 12 weeks is short enough to feel urgent yet long enough to establish lasting results.

Check out the Edit My Life Planner for more strategies for designing the perfect 12 week plan.

“How Do I Hire the Right Team Members?”

OK, so maybe right now you’re still a solo business owner and you can’t imagine hiring employees, but as your business grows, you’ll need to delegate tasks to other people so you can concentrate on your genius work.

You want to make sure anyone you hire (contractors, graphic designers, virtual assistants) are a good fit for your business. Do they understand your mission? Do they meet deadlines and follow your procedures?

Always clearly define the position before hiring anyone, review their credentials, and ask the right interview questions. Choose team members that are an energetic match for your business from the start and you won’t have to worry about replacing them in the future.

“Does My Team Need Professional ID?”

The short answer to this question is yes if you’re working at fixed premises. This way, you can always identify who should be on-site, and who shouldn’t. 

When it comes to producing relevant IDs, you have a couple of options. Either you can invest in a card printer that you keep in your office at all times. Or you can outsource the task to a third party. Just remember, if you outsource, it could take longer to create new badges.

“Do I Have to Follow All the Trends?”

We’re Life Editors, and that means we have to be flexible and adapt to changing technology and trends. We’re always editing!

One of the reasons I revamped and updated every aspect of my Startup In 60 program this year was because trends in marketing and social media changed so drastically in the 5 years since its launch.

That doesn’t mean you need to jump on every new trend you see (squirrel!), but be aware of how your field is changing.

Adapting to new trends such as using SunCity advising to aid in digital marketing can help grow your business. But you don’t want to follow a trend without conducting a thorough analysis such as a risk assessment. Take time to analyze any exciting new trend and determine how feasible it is with your business.

You want your business to seem innovative, modern, and like you’re listening to your clients’ changing needs.

NEXT STEPS: Got more business questions? Check out Startup In 60.

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