5 Smart Ways to Extend the Reach of Your Solo Business

Running a business entirely by yourself can be a major challenge no matter how scrappy and motivated you are.

After 10 years of running my solo business, I can affirm there have been many ups and downs. Sometimes my strategies pay off, and sometimes I’m left with a big failure.

Maybe you’re struggling to push beyond your business’s current level of success, but you’re not sure how to extend its reach. You want to reach more of your ideal clients, but you don’t want to drain your wallet in the process.

I’ve been there! My best tactics for building a solo business are included in my Startup In 60 program, and I’ve got a few extra important tips to make business growth easy.

Here are 5 smart ways to extend the reach of your solo business.

Start Each Day With a Plan

The smartest solo business owners always have a plan of action before they begin any of their business work.

When you know what you need to accomplish in the day ahead and what your main priorities are, you’ll use every minute wisely and be more productive throughout the day.

Want to stop “winging it” every day? Check out the Edit My Life Planner.

Network Within Your Niche

Networking and putting yourself out there is essential for your business going forward.

Your business can’t exist in a vacuum, and it’s important to be visible within your niche so people know who you are. That means reaching out to mentors, influencers, companies, and groups that are relevant to your field.

Networking is vital for growth, especially for small and solo-run businesses. Many of my biggest successes came from the relationships I established with other coaches and self-development leaders.

Outsource Tasks That Take Up Your Time

Just because you’re a solo business owner doesn’t mean you need to do everything yourself.

Outsourcing certain tasks that take up too much of your time can free up your schedule for your genius work. For example, you could hire a VA to answer your emails while you’re taking client calls.

Sell Your Products to New Markets

Is your inner circle tapped out? Eventually, all your “Super Fans” would have bought from you, and you’ll need to extend your reach to new audiences.

Consider how you can start selling your products and services in new markets, such as overseas markets. With the right strategy for shipping international with UPS, it’s an option that could be a successful and profitable one for your solo business.

Be Active on Social Media

Social media is a huge marketing tool that can extend the reach of your solo business without spending a lot of time and money.

Being active on social media by posting regularly and interacting with your followers will help make more people aware of your business, what you provide, and who you serve.

Making just a few smart edits to your current business plan can help you extend the reach of your solo business.

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